Dorm Room Bedding – How to Choose Dorm Room Bedding
By Robin McDonald

Aside from their major, choosing dorm room bedding may be the most important decision a college freshman makes. But many students may feel overwhelmed when standing in the midst of the local home decor store with options galore. What color to get? What material to choose? Should they purchase 100 thread count sheets or 500 thread count sheets? Are down pillowcases worth the expense? So many options can leave a college student puzzled. However, there are a few basic rules to follow. College students should have more than one set of sheets, stock up on blankets and purchase enough pillows for comfort.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential task for college students trying to ace their classes and make the dean’s list. Purchasing cozy dorm room bedding will help students feel comfortable in their beds and get the rest they need. Students should consider purchasing a mattress pad or a memory foam overlay for their bed to increase their comfort. Add throw pillows in bright and bold colors and a sham and bed skirt to match the bedding. A large reading pillow with arms is great for reading assignments in bed, surfing the Web on a laptop or reviewing notes.

Checking with a dorm room mate about color and decor is a good idea. Dorm mates want to make sure their dorm room bedding doesn’t clash. Roommates don’t have to pick each other’s decor, but consulting with one another will ensure harmony in the design and in the living arrangement.

Students should also keep in mind that they will most likely have a different dorm mate every school year and bedding will definitely last more than a year. So avoiding an especially offensive pattern is probably a good idea. This will help with future roommates and will extend the life of the bedding.

Students need to make absolutely sure they buy the appropriate size sheets for their dorm room bedding. Most dorm rooms come with long twin beds. Standard twin sheets won’t fit. College students need to make sure to buy extra-long twin sheets. When buying these sheets it’s important to look at the thread count, which determines the quality of the sheets. A high thread count assures luxury and softness but can be very expensive. A lower thread count is less expensive but also less comfortable. Students in cold weather climates should consider flannel sheets, which are more comfortable than low thread count sheets but not as expensive as the high thread count sheets.

Decor 2 Ur Door is in its 4th year catering to the dorm market. We offer trendy and unique dorm room and teen bedding options and accessories. Robin McDonald, designer and owner has over 25 yrs. design experience and LOVES creating. In her spare time, she shops, plays tennis, is involved volunteering and in church activities and last but not least… being with her family.

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Dorm Room Bedding – How to Choose Dorm Room Bedding

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