Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm
By Katie Stevenson

Tips for moving into a college dorm is meant to make this big moment in your life as stress-free as possible. This is a new and exciting time in your life, but you should be able to focus on your upcoming collegiate achievements and not be worried about the moving part. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a move that is as flawless as possible, whether you are moving across town or across the country for your academic studies.

Planning Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm

Planning and organizing is essential to any type of move. So, this move is certainly no different. Space is very limited in a dorm room, so it is a good idea to plan carefully what you intend to take, just as you might when taking a trip and only being able to take what you can fit in a suitcase.

Make a list of what you want to take, then review it several times before the move and see what you can maybe remove from that list. Take what you need and less of just what you want. There are some great resources online that provide checklists for the ideal list of things you will need for your dorm life. Check if the college you will be attending has this type of thing available for you.

Once you have narrowed down your list of what you will be taking during your move, now is a good time to make sure you put your name in and on everything possible. This will avoid confusion when settling in to your new dorm room, and make it less likely any of your items are stolen or accidentally end up with someone else in the bustle of the move.

Before the Move

You should check with your school to make sure there are not any restricted items you are planning on bringing. Better to find out before taking the time to move it there only to not be allowed to keep it. Sometimes, items like hotplates are not allowed because it is considered a fire hazard. Again, see if the school has a checklist of items you may not bring.

Try to find out the parking situation and how much hassle to anticipate. You will also want to consider hiring movers to take care of the transition for you. Hiring movers will enable you to be able to simply drive your car or fly on the day of the move without stressing at all. So, before the move, among the tips for moving into a college dorm is to review quotes and reviews of different moving companies.

As a rule pack less, you can always have certain items shipped or pick something up on your next visit home. Above all else, relax and enjoy as much as possible. With some planning and organizing your move will unfold with ease as opposed to being a complicated process that feels thrown together. Use these tips for moving into a college dorm and make the move a stress-free event.

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Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm

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